Rebecca Roanhorse, Writer Most Awesome

Rebecca Roanhorse and me catching up in Santa Fe.

I was able to first meet the writer Rebecca Roanhorse at KWELI-The Color of Children’s Literature in April. She was on at least one panel.

If you don’t know her writing here’s a sample: Welcome to Your Authentic Indigenous Experience This piece is soooo good. This is the kind of piece I read to people and forward like crazy. She’s off to the NEBULAS this weekend which is awesome. She’s going to be on some cool panels: Deconlonizing SFF, The Joys and Hazards of #Ownvoices, The Evolution of a Writer.

Rebecca is a supersmart woman with an interesting origin story. But that’s not mine to tell. Check out her work. Also, make sure to ask your local library system to order the work of the Indigenous writers you want to see on your shelves.

Published by Andrea L. Rogers

I'm a citizen of Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, a mom, writer and teacher living in beautiful, cool (even at 101 degrees) Fort Worth, Texas.

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