What the World Needs Now is Eden Robinson

Recently, I listened to Eden Robinson’s books Monkey Beach and Son of a Trickster, (the first book in her Trickster Trilogy.) They are both wonderful and funny and dark and beautiful and interesting and moving.

I have heard Eden Robinson read before. She is hilarious and animated. We stood in line at lunch at IAIA and laughed, a lot. There are so many authors who I would much rather hear read their own books. Eden is one of them, though the reader for Son of a Trickster is fabulous. But, I just love listening to Eden.

So, it was with great joy that, thanks to Eden, I was able to immediately read an advance copy of the sequel to this book, doing so with the voice of Eden Robinson in my head.

Trickster Drift is such a great ride. You can preorder it from Indigo Books in CanadaIndigo Books, Preorder Trickster Drift.

Monkey Beach and other Books by Eden Robinson on Amazon

A CBC Article with links to many other articles: Eden interviewed on Missing and murdered Indigenous Women

Black Coffee Poet talks to Eden about Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women

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