Submission Trackers

I try to reinvent as few wheels as possible. So, when I started to create a submission tracker this morning, because I can not remember what story I sent to a certain press in August, I hit the internet.

I found this link that took me to the webpage of writer Matt Bell. He created a tracker on Google docs. I downloaded it and had trouble with the function that automatically tabulates how long ago you submitted a piece. Not sure what I did wrong, so I downloaded it again, opened it as a Microsoft Excel document, and voila. Never do math again! YES. (I did leave the two samples at the top of the list in case I ever needed to recopy the function.)

So, here’s the link. Submission Tracker by Matt Bell

I have to say Matt’s Reading Logs made me hyper jealous. And I’m curious about the book Wolf Parts because, uh, Fairy Tales and Wolves. So many books, so little time not at my day job.

Happy submitting! And may the Road to Acceptance rush to meet you.

And here’s some Public Art from the exhibit at Burnett Plaza in Fort Worth. Suits the premise of Matt’s book, Wolf Parts. Loop is only up until October 28, 2018. Loop