I work in all the genres. I write what I want, when I want. And sometimes what I get paid for.

“Collection and the Artists,” in Visions and Voices: Native American Painting from the Philbrook Museum of Art, ed. Lydia Wyckoff (Albuquerque, New Mexico: University of New Mexico Press, 1996) pages 61-299 with Marla Redcorn.

Poetry, “The Funeral Dirge of Mrs. J. Alfred,” From Here, ed. Carolyn Steinhoff-Smith Brooklyn, NY, 1999

Short story (strange) available online “Me & My Monster,” Transmotion. University of Kent, 2018.

Short story (literary horror) available online “Man Made Monsters” KWELI, November 2018.

Short story (literary horror) in Yellow Medicine Review, available for purchase “American Predator,” Yellow Medicine Review, Spring 2019

Short story (strange) available online “Manifesting Joy” Santa Fe Literary Review, Spring 2019.

Available for purchase, children’s historical fiction, Mary and the Trail of Tears; A Cherokee Removal Survival Story, Capstone, January 2020-Available through your favorite bookseller or from this site.

Available for purchase “My Oklahoma History,” YOU TOO, 25 Voices Write About A #MeToo moment, edited by Janet Gurtler, January 2020. Available through your favorite bookseller.

“The Ballad of Maggie Wilson,” a short story in the collection Ancestor Approved, edited by Cynthia Leitich Smith for Heartdrum Books, an imprint of Harper Collins, Winter 2021

Some tips for people wanting to teach about the Trail of Tears.

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