A New Year, New Books


Mary and the Trail of Tears:  A Cherokee Removal Survival Story is out in hardback and it is beautiful. The illustrations are by Matt Forsyth. He did a terrific job conveying both emotion and cultural details specific to Cherokee culture. Wado, Matt!

On January 7, You Too? a YA anthology of #MeToo stories will publish. It is available on Audible, as well. It’s a powerful and necessary book. Statistically speaking, it is much needed. RAINN helps survivors of sexual assault.

Here are links to the books. On February 1, the paperback of Mary and the Trail of Tears will be released.  Mary and the Trail of Tears: A Cherokee Removal Survival Story

You Too? has essays by 25 authors writing about one of their #MeToo moments. It’s a powerful read. As alone as we can feel in trauma, we aren’t really. May you and your loved ones never need this book. May the people who need it find it.

Published by Andrea L. Rogers

I'm a citizen of Cherokee Nation, a mom, writer, and Ph.d. student living in Fayetteville, Arkansas. All text and images © Andrea L. Rogers 2018 - 2021, unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved.

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