A New Year, New Books

Mary and the Trail of Tears:  A Cherokee Removal Survival Story is out in hardback and it is beautiful. The illustrations are by Matt Forsyth. He did a terrific job conveying both emotion and cultural details specific to Cherokee culture. Wado, Matt! On January 7, You Too? a YA anthology of #MeToo stories will publish.Continue reading “A New Year, New Books”

What the World Needs Now is Eden Robinson

Recently, I listened to Eden Robinson’s Son of a Trickster, the first book in her Trickster Trilogy. It is wonderful and funny and dark and beautiful and interesting and moving. I have heard Eden Robinson read before. She is hilarious. We stood and line at lunch at IAIA and laughed, a lot. There are soContinue reading “What the World Needs Now is Eden Robinson”

Dr. Theo Van Alst Writes a Book

Dr. Theo Van Alst is cool and smart and ready to fight if he has to. I like this about him and his writing. Sacred Smokes is confidently unapologetic. It smokes in the apartment. It doesn’t do the dishes. Native Lakota kid Theo survives in Chicago and Chicago survives in Dr. Van Alst. Theo hasContinue reading “Dr. Theo Van Alst Writes a Book”

Rebecca Roanhorse, Writer Most Awesome

I was able to first meet the writer Rebecca Roanhorse at KWELI-The Color of Children’s Literature in April. She was on at least one panel. If you don’t know her writing here’s a sample: Welcome to Your Authentic Indigenous Experience This piece is soooo good. This is the kind of piece I read to people and forwardContinue reading “Rebecca Roanhorse, Writer Most Awesome”

There There by Tommy Orange

Tommy Orange’s polyphonic novel ties together the lives of several urban Indians as they gravitate towards The Big Oakland Pow Wow. It is beautiful and heartbreaking and funny and true and sad. It comes out on June 5. You should preorder it from your favorite indie bookstore. Nevertheless, here’s that super convenient non-indie bookstore link.Continue reading “There There by Tommy Orange”

KWELI, The 3rd Annual Color of Children’s Literature Conference

In early April I attended Kweli’s 3rd Annual Children’s Literature Conference.  KWELI is the creation of Laura Pegram. Laura has suffered as an artist in isolation. This experience led her to create KWELI-an online community for those writers of color working alone. http://www.kwelijournal.org/ Laura has also made it part of her work to create anContinue reading “KWELI, The 3rd Annual Color of Children’s Literature Conference”